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CubaCabs’ Lodgings is the website you’ve been looking for. If you’re planning to travel to Cuba, then you can find accommodation, transport, additional services at your place and things to do in Cuba, all in this simple platform. This is the perfect site all over the Internet to book the best place to stay in Havana. Our team made a big effort and developed this website to help you spend your dream vacation. Book your casa particular in Cuba online quickly and safely through us. Booking your dream place with CubaCabs is really fast and safe. Just set check-in and check-out dates, view the description, choose where to stay, provide details for reservation and pay a deposit! Your perfect vacation is several clicks away!

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Accommodation in Cuba

The cheapest website for booking accommodation in Cuba

Let’s talk clear: We offer the cheapest prices for accommodation in Cuba. Why? Well, CubaCabs’ Lodgings is the only website all over the Internet which publish the real price heard directly from hosts. Many other sites rise up the original price by charging a fee –usually $5 over the price for each room per night, and that is not good for customers because you will end up paying almost 15%-20% more than the real price for your accommodation. Therefore, the key point here is that we don’t want you to pay those prices anymore. We are setting the rules up clearly before the game. We’ll post just the price we heard directly from the hosts plus a 5% fee for the service —the lowest total fee ever for accommodation in Cuba.

Just to clarify!

Taking you through an example might clarify this better. If a host sets the price up at $25 per night, and the cost for that room is published on the Internet as $30 per night instead, you will end up paying 16.6% more than the real price —our 5% fee looks cheap now eh? That’s what CubaCabs wants to offer in order to become one of the most popular websites for booking cheap accommodation in Cuba. Just take a look of our listings and their respective price, make a quick calculation and you’ll get results which prove our thesis. It’s also good to note that you might probably see homes listed on this website which are also listed in other accommodation websites, however you can get it here for cheaper.

Finally, in order to grant a customer’s pleasant stay, this website doesn’t post listings which don’t accomplish our minimum comfort requirements.

For instant replies, you can ask any question regarding accommodation or any other service offered in this page through Messenger. Our team will be available any time on weekdays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm Eastern Time.

Grapes on the Rooftop

The space is an entire place for three people. It’s composed of a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a small room and a cozy rooftop where the beautiful ornamental plants and tasty grapes stand out. The bedroom has air conditioning, fan and a small private living room. In the bathroom there is a hot shower. … Continue reading “Grapes on the Rooftop”



Prices start at: $26.25 for night

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Downtown Featured Apartment

This house has two outstanding rooms available for guests. These rooms were remodeled recently. The house can accommodate up to 4 people and is located 3 blocks away from the famous Latin Americans Baseball Stadium. Each room is equipped with a plasma HDTV, a small refrigerator, and finally air conditioner and fan. These rooms also … Continue reading “Downtown Featured Apartment”



Prices start at: $21 for night

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Top Rated Beach House

This is an independent apartment inside an appealing beach house. The place is composed of two bedrooms, two private bathrooms, the living room, the kitchen, an outdoor terrace and a backyard with a small inflatable pool. This is a small apartment ideal for a small group of 4 people. The bedrooms are spacious and have … Continue reading “Top Rated Beach House”



Prices start at: $26.25 for night

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Cozy space in Old Town

Beautiful and cozy private room for two people (Accommodation for a third guest can be booked as an additional service for $10 extra per day). In the house there is a bathroom only for guests, and it has hot water shower. The room is equipped with AC, fans and also has a big window overlooking … Continue reading “Cozy space in Old Town”



Prices start at: $26.25 for night

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Small Studio in Vedado

The space dedicated to guests is a remodeled private room, with its bathroom and even a small kitchen, pretty much like a private apartment. It’s intended to accommodate no more than two people, and it also has its private entrance to one side of the house. Just outside the room there is a nice outdoor … Continue reading “Small Studio in Vedado”



Prices start at: $31.50 for night

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Standard Room next to Plaza Vieja

In this house there are two private rooms available for visitors. The rooms share a common bathroom, but they are modern and cozy. These rooms are located only 50 meters away from Plaza Vieja and they were designed to accommodate up to 2 people each one. They are equipped with air conditioner and fans. They … Continue reading “Standard Room next to Plaza Vieja”



Prices start at: $31.50 for night

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Hotels in Havana Cuba

Some clients have contacted us to get reservations for hotels in Havana Cuba, claiming they have experienced troubles at booking because of the payment method. Based on this, our team started offering a solution for those who ask how to book hotels in Cuba. This service is ideal for customers looking for staying in the best hotels in Havana. If you’re having troubles during your booking process you should contact us

Hotels in Havana Cuba
Outstanding view of the Manzana Kempinski Hotel, taken from Central Park in Havana

There are many resorts in Havana that can be booked through our group, like the National Hotel, Saratoga Hotel and the new Kempinski Hotel just next to Central Park. This service is also an alternative to US passport holders. The US government doesn’t allow anymore to Americans to get a reservation in some hotels in Cuba as you can read in the new OFAC regulations. Our group, by acting as an intermediary, allows you to book any hotel in advance and get access to the best hotels in Havana despite of the imposed restrictions for accommodation in Cuba and other facilities. We prevent them to track the money transactions for the booking back to you by paying to the hotel in cash directly in Cuba.

Private house in Havana

When you start planning your trip, some big questions come in place. For example, Where to stay in Cuba? What are the best places to stay in Cuba? Unfortunately, there is not a definitely true answer for those questions because it depends on many factors. It’s not easy to find good accommodation in Cuba for a cheap price. You can decide to stay in the nicest hotels in Cuba, but you need a huge budget for that. You can also decide to pass of hotels and look for vacations rentals in Havana Cuba, but then more questions come to your head like What’s the best area to stay in Havana? It’s easy to find apartments for rent in Havana Cuba? What’s the best casa particular in Havana? More and more questions without a definitely true answer.

It’s a fact that cheap hotels in Havana are not common, and because of that, houses for rent in Havana Cuba has become stronger as an alternative to hotels in Havana. They are a cornerstone in the business of accommodation in Cuba. Booking vacations rentals in Havana Cuba online has become a very popular method lately. For that reason, our team has brought this platform as an intermediate point between visitors and the best places to stay in Havana. This portal is helpful for people looking for where to stay in Havana and for hosts who want to promote their place too.

Hostels and other lodgings in Havana Old City

The Old Town in Havana City is one of the preferred places to stay in Cuba for many tourists. The main reason is the high number of historical sites held in this area. This area is also crowded of casas particulares and rooms for rent. Houses here are ideal for people looking for reaching historical sites by just walking few minutes. Most famous restaurants and sites of interest for tourists are located here. Big plazas, cathedrals and old buildings fill such a small area. You’ll see people walking the streets most part of the day. Old Havana is not a place where you can find cheap accommodation easily.

Hostels are the biggest places for rent you can find in Havana. CubaCabs offers these great places for big groups of friends who travel together and want to stay at the same location instead of renting different houses located near each other. In Old Havana we can provide many of these sites, some of them considered to be on the top of private accommodation in Cuba.

Accommodation in Vedado Havana

In this area, the houses are generally more luxurious compared to casas particulares in Old Havana, some of them has remodeled rooms, which look like the best hotels in Havana Cuba. Vedado stands out for its beautiful houses, cleanliness of its streets and a huge variety of markets, food stores, Cuban food restaurants and nightclubs. The drawback is they’re a little far from the historical center of the City. However, in Vedado there are enough interesting sites to visit and it’s very easy to get transportation from there. Most nightclubs are located here, and this is a key point for making a decision. If you want to come to Cuba to enjoy nightlife experiences, this is the ideal zone for you.

Casa particular in Havana beach areas

Accommodation nearby the beach in Havana is a resource very requested for visitors; generally, people looking for spending time in quiet areas. It’s good to say that houses for rent in beaches areas in Havana offers a great cost-benefit option. Most of the time you’ll get an entire place, very comfortable and for a cheap price. These places are far from the main points of interest in Havana City, but they offer another options. You have to choose between beautiful beach and places of interest for tourists. However, you will easily find transport options for getting in to the center of the city in few minutes.

Guests Reviews

When potential customers are researching us online, they’re getting to know us by way of the content of our website. Understandably, many of them might be skeptical or hesitant to trust us right away. To prove the value of what we have to offer we prefer to let our happy customers do the talking. Our testimonial page serves as a platform to show off how others have benefited from CubaCab’s services, making it a powerful tool for establishing trust and encouraging potential travelers to take action.

If you are one of the brave ones who went through us and ended up having a great assistance during your trip for a cheap price, you should share your experience in order to others benefit from us too. If your experience was not so good, you should also post it to help us to become better over time.

Havana Classic Car Tour on Dec 20th 2017

We were driven around the city for two hours by a very friendly driver called Ernesto. We enjoyed the trip. It was a great opportunity for taking pictures of the most interesting sites of Havana. We would have loved to had more elements related to the history of some places but Ernesto was not very knowledgeable about it. However, the tour was very good in general. Ernesto took us to a friend who helped us at exchanging money (USD to CUC) for a very good rate. That favor was highly appreciated.

Philip Camrish
United Kingdom
December 26, 2017

Propietaria de casa de renta

Yo soy propietaria de una casa de renta en la playa de Guanabo, en la Habana y desde que he comencé a trabajar con estos muchachos no he tenido ningún problema con reservas. Yo dejé de trabajar con AirBnB hace 10 meses porque dejaron de enviarme un pago, sin embargo este grupo es muy confiable y me hacen una parte del pago por adelantado. Es un placer estar asociada a ustedes. Buen trabajo.

November 14, 2017

Very quick response at booking casa particular

My AirBnB host cancelled my reservation in the last minute before my trip. A friend recommended this team and they were very helpful. They arranged accommodation for me in less than an hour. Than you very much Mark! I’ll also leave review for your team on Tripadvisor!

Tina Patterson
November 1, 2017

Shared taxi from Trinidad to Havana

The booking procedure was very easy. I reserved a seat in a collective cab. I did a prepayment via PayPal and that’s all. The one in charge got in direct contact with me due to some issue with the original car, but they handled it on time for my transfer. Good experience in general, highly recommended for booking shared taxis.

Maria Hazz
Florida, United States
November 4, 2017

Diving tour to Playa Giron

The diving was awesome. They also arranged transportation for me and my friends. It could have been even better if we had an English speaker driver, but we are satisfied.

Tom Hawson
September 10, 2017


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